Legal & Compliance Officer

The statements made on this job description are aimed to describe the general nature and the level of work to be performed by the people appointed to this job. These statements are not intended to be an exhaustive listing of all the responsibilities, duties and competencies needed by personnel dedicated to this task.

Acts as the local legal and compliance counsel for the whole organization to support the achievement of business objectives;

Ensures compliance in line with Roche´s global guidelines, principles and standards, as well as, local laws and regulations through adequate procedures and process controls.

Main Functions and Responsibilities

  • To provide comprehensive legal support to Roche Services & Solutions Americas’ operation to ensure achievement of its goals and objectives while managing legal risk or exposure.
  • Act as Compliance Officer, ensuring that the company and employees operate ethically and in compliance with the Roche Group Code of Conduct and internal directives.
  • Handle all legal matters such as agreements with third parties and ensure that official and contractual documents are in line with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Take an active and constructive role advising the Leadership Team, with a clear joined vision for the whole company.
  • Serves as RSS Americas’ Data Privacy Officer

The tasks to be conducted

  • Act as a business partner to all RSS Americas internal functions to enable their projects/activities providing legal advice to the organization.
  • Define legal policies and procedures. Provide education and training to the organization on, ethics and compliance, healthcare fraud, abuse laws, liability, antitrust, privacy and other laws and regulations impacting the operation.
  • Work with external legal counsel when necessary, instruct them accordingly and assesses their performance and billing practices.
  • Recommend company policy and position on legal issues and anticipate legal risks facing the operation.
  • Propose, implement and maintain the legal representative and powers of attorney in agreement with Group Legal guidelines and local policies.
  • Ensures that the compliance strategy is developed and implemented locally through local compliance programs to enable continuous and sustainable business.
  • Setups a culture of compliance through trainings, monitoring and pro-actively addressing compliance issues on risk based assessment approach.
  • Sets unified compliance messages/ guidance and recommendations.
  • Serves as local administrator of Roche BEIR IT Tool (Business Ethics Incident Reporting) for RSS Americas (1311).
  • Draft, negotiate and review all legal documents for legality and clarity and advise management on the legal consequences. Legal documents include all kind of third-party agreements, including but not limited to: professional services, medical contracts, support contracts, donations, employment contracts, among others.
  • Implement and ensure good Contract Management practices.
  • Provide legal counsel on issues arising from actual or anticipated litigation, working with outside counsel as necessary.
  • Coordinate all Roche litigation processes with the involved parties.
  • Leads the local implementation of all global legal and compliance deployments.
  • Maintain an effective communication and alignment relations with global and regional functions.
  • Develops relevant measurements and metrics to provide local compliance reassurance to the organization.
  • Secures adherence to policies and code of conduct related to data privacy laws.
  • Promotes data privacy and document control in accordance to COREMAP.
  • Leads COREMAP activities and is ultimately accountable for its implementation and deployment at the site.

The immediate objective

  • Comply with all Roche Group Legal Reporting requirements.
  • Comply with all required “Corporate Housekeeping” to safeguard the legal existence and continuity of the Roche Services Americas, SRL (legal entity 1311 a.k.a. Roche Services & Solutions Americas or RSS Americas).
  • Ensures a common understanding of the global, regional, local compliance requirements and related policies & business processes in the country.
  • Provide analysis, counsel and support for routine contracts regarding their compliance with applicable law.

Required Work Experience

  • 5 Experience in Legal or compliance areas in SSC or multinational companies working as a Legal Manager or Director
  • 3 Years of experience as a Compliance Officer or Compliance Director
  • Business ethics and compliance certification desirable, but not required
  • Law Board Certification required
  • Previous experiences in Global Business Solution Centers or Shared Service Centers
  • Availability to Domestic and/or International travel, approximately 5% of the time

Roche is an equal opportunity employer.

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