• Ensure that the truck is in good condition before he operates it. The truck have undergone pre-trip inspections, complete with all vehicle safety equipment, PPEs and other required other documents such OR/CR, CPC, Insurance Coverage, etc.

• Maintain a logbook with details of trips, including rest breaks on long trips.

• After being dispatched, proceeds to work assignment as per instructions received from dispatcher.

• Report status of Delivery to dispatcher/ supervisor from time-to-time.

• Ensure the safety of the cargo being delivered as well as the safety of the truck/equipment entrusted to the driver. Ensure also that the cargoes have been loaded and unloaded from the truck.

• Ensure that after delivery, surrenders the delivery receipts, DTR’s, EIRs and other documents to the dispatcher/ supervisor.

• For trucks with mechanical problems, for Preventive Maintenance or for repair, Driver prepare REM, forward it to the trucking Manager/Supervisor for signature and forward it to Repair Shop for repair service.

• Comply with all Company rules and regulation including HSSE Policy as well as all Government Rules and Client requirements.

• Wear appropriate PPE while working.

Other duties that maybe deemed necessary
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