Police Records Technician

Looking for 1 full time position. Current days and hours are: Wednesday - Sunday; 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Monday & Tuesday off. This position requires shifts and is subject to annual shift bidding by seniority.

Accurately maintain records in order to be responsive to the needs and expectations of the public and law enforcement agencies. Possess computer data entry and/or retrieval abilities.

Work includes maintaining case files and disseminating police reports and criminal history information to the public and other agencies. Reviews reports to determine case status and Federal Uniform Crime Reporting classifications. Codes and enters, verifies, corrects and updates police reports and data in the Criminal Justice Information System. Duties also include the transcription of police reports in a confidential, professional and accurate manner.

Qualifications: High school graduate or equivalent with 6 months - 2 years training or experience in maintaining records, or equivalent.

Necessary Special Requirement: An employee may be required to obtain and maintain certification on the National Crime Information Center computer system. Employees must obtain and maintain a general notary public designation.

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