Reprieve Resident Assistant-Overnight


Position Title: The Reprieve Resident Assistant

Department: Reprieve

Reports To: Reprieve Senior Resident Specialist

Entry Level Qualifications:

Ability to communicate well and write legibly. Understanding of disease concept and dynamics of chemical dependency and recovery.

Bachelors degree preferred. Experience in addictions treatment preferred.

1. Must walk within the facility and on the grounds for approximately 1 mile per 8 hour shift.

2. Must be capable of administering CPR and being certified

3. Must be able to bend and stoop from a standing position to the floor.

4. Must be able to stand continuously in increments of 45 minutes to 1 hour

5. Must have a valid Alabama Drivers License and a safe driving record.

6. Must be physically assist a disoriented or intoxicated a resident of average weight of 140 to 170 lbs from the floor to a chair or bed.

7. Must be emotionally and physically capable of functioning under stressful situations.

8. If recovering, two years of continuous verifiable abstinence.

General Responsibilities:

The RA will assist in the overall care and supervision of the residents. The RA will function in a professional manner and evidence a positive attitude in all aspects of work. The performance of all duties will be consistent with Bradford philosophy, enhance the therapeutic environment and protect the confidentiality of all patients.

Essential Functions:

  • Be aware of where residents are at all times, circulating around the facility on a regular basis.
  • Assist others with admitting procedures for new residents.
  • Assure that all residents follow the Bradford Program Schedule and are on time for each assignment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate and relate to residents clearly and effectively.
  • Reports any infractions of policy to the Senior Resident Specialist.
  • Supervise resident activities as directed.
  • Assure that patients are in their rooms at the designated times in the evening
  • Attend staff training programs as scheduled
  • Communicate the residents progress
  • Assist the Senior Resident Specialist on request
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skill in non-violent crisis interventions
  • Regular attendance Do other related jobs which are necessary to the daily operation of the Reprieve, as and when requested by the program specialist or Senior Resident Specialist
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